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Make our cutting-edge game development platform your design tool.
Transfer 3D CAD Models Directly to Unity.


A New Level of Design, Analysis, and Simulation

Unity is currently being used worldwide to develop a vast range of content,
including high-end games with high-definition graphics, mobile games,
virtual reality, and videos. Unity CAD Importer is here to help you
turn our cutting-edge development software into your design tool.

Unity CAD Importer provides the perfect conversion feature for importing CAD files created with industrial applications. Now you can import large files to Unity, something that was impossible with existing conversion tools. You can also replicate the hierarchical assembly from an IGES or STEP file, two standard intermediate CAD file formats.

  • CAD Importing

    Converts a CAD file to a Unity mesh object and opens it. Supported formats: IGES, STEP, STL

    3D model created in general-purpose CAD software
  • Polygon Reduction

    Unity CAD Importer can optimize the polygon count while the CAD file is loading.

  • Automatic Mesh Partitioning

    The maximum number of vertices in Unity is limited to 65,000; however, Unity CAD Importer automatically partitions any mesh that surpasses this limit into multiple mesh objects while the file loads.

  • Automatic Mesh Correction

    Unity CAD Importer is equipped with a healing feature that corrects mesh data by filling in holes, unifying double-sided objects, and more.



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Our Hope


Wouldn't it be nice if we could verify models developed in CAD in virtual reality? Wouldn't it be nice if we could build simulated environments that are virtually identical to real ones? Shouldn't we be able to achieve all of this with Unity? These were the dreams that we had as engineers. The truth is, however, that until now those in the manufacturing industry who used Unity encountered numerous issues.
We developed Unity CAD Importer to resolve problems such as how to make mesh created from huge CAD files, which are entirely different from CG files, manageable, and how to reduce file size while maintaining all the essential characteristics of the original.
We hope engineers around the globe can use Unity as their own tool, and with the utmost proficiency, to create a world full of never-before-seen, ground-breaking products. With Unity CAD Importer, we can make this a reality.